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Sunday, September 7, 2008



One of my favorite progressive rock bands is Pain of Salvation, from Sweden. The leader of the band is one of the most complete artists I know. His name is Daniel Gildenlöw (born June 5, 1973). In the band, he is the principal songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist. A trademark of the band (something that I adore) is that each album is a concept album. Some examples of the topics addressed in the band's albums are: war and its effect on family and humanity, environmental issues, the forming of the individual and the nature of God.
About the band´s name, Daniel once said:
"I wanted a name that meant something, a name that was more than a cool expression. For me, Pain of Salvation has the meaning of balance. Taking the good with the bad. It is also a good expression in everyday use, when something does not go the way you planned; "well, that’s just the pain of salvation," to indicate that this is just a slight setback on an otherwise painless journey towards your goal."
"The idea with the name is that everything has two sides, everything is in balance."
"Imagine yourself exhausted in the middle of a desert... Sitting down will take away your pain, but it will kill you. The walk for water will hurt, but it may save your life."
"I formed my first band at eleven, I called it Reality. When I turned 15, I decided to change, because I did not the same as in the age of 11. I tried to look for a new band’s name. It was during a math lesson, I was writing band names. I wrote Pain of Salvation and I stuck on it. I showed to my classmate, who later became member of the band, he said too long, nobody would remember that!"

They have recorded six studio albums: Entropia, One hour by the Concrete Lane, The Perfect Element Part I, Remedy Lane, Scarsick (which is the second part of The Perfect Element) and Be.
On May 12, 2003, Pain of Salvation performed an acoustic concert in their hometown of Eskilstuna before a crowd of 80 special guests. The concert was recorded and released in 2004.

Don´t you know the band yet? I´m gonna give you a chance. Take a look at this:
Here is the lyrics:
Cold winter winds blow away autumn leaves now.
Misty world fades away before my blinded eyes - WHY?
Now when I stand at the end of the line,
I cling to life when I should decline.
I always thought I would welcome this day,
but now when it's here- could there be a heaven behind that gate?
Love or hate? WAIT! my side.
Count the seconds till I die.
Hold my hand.
Smile and tell me that you care, 'cause I'm scared now.
Now when I stand at the end of the line,
I cling to life when I should decline.
I always thought I would welcome this day,
but now I can is yet a bird of pray!
God, hear my voice!
I turn to thee - you've got to tell me: what will become of me?
Hear my voice!
Tell me there are no questions.
Please give me a few more hours of this flair life...
As I am leaving, alone and afraid,
I'm thinking of all the mistakes I've made.
I wish of my heart I could change only one!
I'd want to say "sorry" just one more time before I am GONE! (gone)

This is another song, a very beautiful one.

Here is the lyrics:


Let me go

Let me go
Let me seek the answer that I need to know
Let me find a way

Let me walk away
Through the undertow
Please let me go
Let me fly
Let me fly
Let me rise against that blood-red velvet sky
Let me chase it all
Break my wings and fall
Probably survive
So let me fly
Let me fly...Let me run
Let me run
Let me ride the crest of chance into the sun
You were always there
But you may lose me here
Now love me if you dare
And let me run
I'm alive and I am true to my heart now - I am I,
but why must truth always make me die?
Let me break!
Let me bleed!
Let me tear myself apart I need to breathe!
Let me lose my way!
Let me walk astray!
Maybe to proceed...Just let me bleed!
Let me drain
Let me die!
Let me break the things I love I need to cry!
Let me burn it all!
Let me take my fall!
Through the cleansing fire!
Now let me die!
Let me die...Let me out
Let me fade into that pitch-black velvet night

Other songs from POS:

That´s all for now.
Milton França.