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Sunday, August 17, 2014


1 - I let my hair down = I behave in a free, informal and relaxed manner
2 - Keep your hair on = Relax!, Calm down!
3 - I´m tearing my hair out = I am extremely worried and agitated about something
* People from different parts of the world wrote sentences using these three idioms. As they are learners of English, we can notice spelling and grammar mistakes in some of the sentences.

I'm a student and I always busy doing my endless homework.One day I met a hard one,I thought and thought,but no help,I almost tore my hair out.My mum saw my anxious looking,said'Keep your hair on,just let your hair down!'So,I went out for a walk,and I felt so good!
Jeong Hyun, Korea
Before our final exams, I was tearing my hair out, but soon it finished, and I let my hair down. But then, when results came, my friend told me to keep my hair on.
ALieN, Korea
When I went on holiday, I went to a party. I let my hair down at the party because it was so nice. But suddenly, two men were fighting. Everyone was tearing their hair out. I also very scared to see them. However, my sister said, "It's just a fight. Keep your hair on." So, I just didn't care about them.
I have been argueing with my boyfriend for weeks now, I'm tearing my hair out bacause we can't find any solution and solve the problem, I'm trying to keep my hair on but sometimes it's hard. Maybe a good way to forget about it would be a night out letting our hair down together.
last week i had an important exam and i was tearing my hair out and when the exam was finished i got so angry because i couldn't answer any questions and my friend said to me keep your hair on.
I finded out about my boyfriend,Jay,cheated on me wuth another woman. I was angry. Jay explained himself and asked me to keep my hair on. But Jay is a liar,he made up a story for that.I was very upset and tearing my hair out. Finally, I given up on him, and I let my hair down.
Last week, I had played with a happy baby I let my hair down.Then the baby felt hungry he cried very loud. I told him to keep his hair on.Unfortunately, he didn't have any hair. So,I was tearing my hair out.
Wendy, China
Today is friday,the last working day of the week.My colleagues are very tired, i said to them to keep their hair on.Tommorrow is saturday and we'll let our hair down. On monday we go back to work and we'll be tearing our hair out.
Yvan France
The Sunday afternoon when I want to let my hair down the dog of the next door neigbours barks, I tear my hair out then my wife says me to keep my hair on.
Elena, spain
yesteday, I went out night because I relly need to let my hair out!My sister was very nervous because she saw an accident in front of her, and I can´
t keep her hair on! I tearing my har out when I lost my flight to Spain!
Nirmol, Bangladesh
Sometimes When I saw my boos is giving privilege to one of my colleagues I want to tear my hair out but as advised one of my friend I always try to keep my hair on and when my boss will resign I will let my hair down.
Trag, vietnam                                                                        
i used to let my hair down so my mum was very angry. each time like that, i always toll my mom to keep her hair on. but, sometime she calm down, sometime she wasn't, at that time i was really tearing my hair out
Mohamed Reda, Morocco
I went to the desert, in the south of Morocco, to let my hair down. Where the nature appears in its more beautiful and delightful look. one day when i was in my tent, my camels ran away so i tore my hear out. Thanks to my friend, he helpeld me to keep my hair on ..
Vladimir, Russia
I never let my hair down. Because, I think that it's not respectable and for me personally it's sign of laziness. But sometimes I let myself to keep my hair on a little bit, but it's very seldom. So, I always try to don't keep my hair on and I never tear my hair out - just cut.
Roberto, Brazil
When I look at my bank account I always tear my hair out, but one day, I'll win a lottery prize, then I'll keep my hair on. But before it happens, I'll meditate and try just let my hair down.
Gabriel, Brazil
I'm going to do some exams next week... I'm trying to keep my hair on... BUT I'M TEARING MY HAIR OUT!! :)
It's extremely difficult to keep your hair on in Dubai facing such deadly hot weather, especially when you are tearing your hair out due to some troubls in your work. But anyway, you still need to let your hair down because this is your life:)
Ahmed , Egypt                                          
I have an interview tomorrow, so i must keeping my hair on today, if i didn't i will tearing my hair down tomorrow, and i will let my hair down for one year.
I'm always letting my hair down.And I've been a calm man for ten years.Before that, I had a temper.So I was always tearing my hair out.
Nathawut, Thailand
I know tearing my hair is the worst thing so I always try to keep my hair on when I face various obstacles. Sometime I'm serious in studying and working without letting my hair down.
Paulo, Paraguay        
I always play with my nephews and let my hair down, but sometimes I am tearing my hair out because they quarrel a lot and I say to them: Hey, keep your hair on.
Jordão, Brazil
Yesterday, I decided not to go to the work I got last month. In other words, I let my hair down. However, my father didn't like the idea of staying at home surfing on the net. He got very angry.Of course I told him to keep his hair on, but it was impossible.
Gislaine - Brazil
Keep your hair on, he will be on time for the wedding.
Monika, Poland             
A: My car is broken again. I had to go to machanic and I spent a lot of maney reparing it.
B: Keep your hair on.
Gosia, Poland
I went to a party last Friday. It was fantastic ! I let my hair down :)
Maya, Poland
I passed all my exams so now I need to let my hair down.
Maria, Colombia                                       
Since I'm having problems with my husband I often try to let my hair down for a while and he gets so angry that I usually tell him to keep his hair on. I try to act as nothing had happened but the truth is that I'm tearing my hair out.
Since I got married and had two kidsI hardly ever let my hair down,I really miss it a lot!and when my husband notices I'm tearing my hair out, he says softly "honey,please, keep your hair on"
Jialong, china
some days ago,there was a quarrel between my daughter and i, because she didn't finish her homework very well, i was tearing my hair out, and finally,my wife told me to keep your hair down.
Fabio, Brazil
I always try to let my hair down even when I am working. But some people use to tear my hair out with their behaviour. So I ask them to keep their hair on.
Daniel, Brazil
When I started my lessons on english, I think that I could let my hair down, but in the end I almost teared my hair out. Fortunately, my friend help me to keep my hair on.
Rudi, Brazil
Once, during a staff meeting I started feeling up set, because I over heard someone say: I gibe a damn about this problem. Then when I tried to object him, a friend of mine said in low voice let your heir down. At first I didn't grasp the meaning of this phrasal verbs, but looking at the context I could figure it out that he wanted me to calm down.
Thanh Hai , VietNam
when I was at my university I always did homework. One day I felt tired and decided to let my hair down. The day after I went to class in bad mood and unfortunathely the teacher checked my finishing homework and of course consequentlyI was punished by being on duty all week. Since then I always finish my tasks.whenever I see people who are quareling I tell them keep their hair on.people say I am the kind of person who is very easy to be angry with. Indeed, I also think it's true. you know I like put every thing randomly in my room and I hate some one to put them in order. When it comes I always become mad. Once, my mother came in my room while I was out. Of couse she cleaned up my room and reorder everything. After that I was back home and couldn't find the essay which had took me much time to finish. Moreover I do not like writing essay and couldn't remember annything about the essay I wrote. so you can magine how I felt at that time. But I must tear my hair out.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos was killed in a plane crash on Wednesday (August 13, 1914).
Campos' jet crashed in bad weather as it prepared to land in the coastal city of Santos, in the south of Sao Paulo, killing all seven people on board, the São Paulo state fire department said.
Campos, 49, was in third place in recent polls with the support of about 10 percent of voters.
President Dilma Rousseff, who is leading the race, suspended all campaigning for three days in mourning. Senator Aécio Neves, the candidate running in second place, said he was "immensely saddened."
Dilma is leading in polls with about 36 percent of voter support. Aécio has enjoyed about 20 percent support and is expected to face Dilma in a second-round runoff.
Campos, a former governor of the northeastern state of Pernambuco, was running as a business-friendly leftist and had strong support from many banks and industrial groups. His death could see Marina Silva, his running mate, become the Brazilian Socialist Party's candidate.
Marina Silva was not aboard the plane that crashed. She placed a strong third in the 2010 presidential election and enjoys robust support from young voters and evangelical voters but her pro-environment agenda means that many in Brazil's powerful agribusiness sector distrust her.

On the night before his death, Campos was in Rio de Janeiro for an interview with the country's most-watched nightly news program. Several pundits praised his performance as confident and authoritative and said he might rise in polls as a result.