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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"We left home in the morning for our holiday. We were planning to stay away for a fortnight. We took extra torches in case we got stuck at night. We stopped at the chemist to buy a few things. We also stopped for petrol. There was a long wait because there were a few lorries in the queue. At last we got on our way".

1. The text above was written in British English. Which word below has the incorrect American equivalent?
a) holiday - vacation
b) fortnight - a week
c) torches - flashlights
d) petrol - gasoline
e) lorries - trucks

2. Which of the following words is NOT related to cars?
a) brake
b) tires
c) wheels
d) chain
e) clutch

3. What does the expression `Go Dutch` mean?
a) to travel to the Netherlands.
b) to go to a country where Dutch is spoken.
c) to have each person pay his/her own expenses.
d) to be in trouble with someone.
e) to go to a place against your will.

4. Which of these words is NOT a profession?
a) cellar
b) stewardess
c) physician
d) accountant
e) tailor

5. The words of a song are called ______________ .
a) letters
b) lines
c) lyrics
d) rhymes
e) beats

6. A ______________ is someone who doesn`t like to spend/give money.
a) spender
b) pickpocket
c) shoplifter
d) cheapskate
e) teller

7. Which group of words has one that does NOT belong to it?
a) German, Spanish, Thai, Hindi, Swahili
b) strawberry, pear, grape, apple, passion fruit
c) comedy, thriller, novel, documentary, drama
d) newspaper, magazine, book, leaflet, letter
e) goat, sheep, deer, horse, bull

8. _______________ is a false friend, which is another name for false cognate.
a) poet
b) planet
c) fantastic
d) supercilious
e) romance

9. Choose the pair of antonyms:
a) main - principal
b) cheap - inexpensive
c) thin - thick
d) fast - quick
e) wonderful - marvelous

10. In the northeast of Brazil, many people don´t sleep in beds. They prefer ____________ .
a) hammocks
b) grids
c) networks
d) nets
e) nests

By Milton França/2010.