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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dr. Robert Rey is probably the most famous plastic surgeon in the world. Full of talent and charisma. Through hard work and determination he was able to pursue a highly regarded dream of every little boy in Brazil, to become a plastic surgeon. Dr. Rey managed to achieve a bit more than just that. Read this exclusive interview with Dr Rey where he talks about his beginnings, Beverly Hills Dr 90210 the show, his new shapewear line Instant Shape, and what really matters to him in life:
When did your fascination for plastic surgery begin?
When I lived in Brazil. Brazil is a country that is very hot, thus bodies are frequently exposed. Brazilian plastic surgeons have contributed vastly to the field of aesthetics, so much so they have risen to heroes in Brazil. Brazilian boys aspire to be plastic surgeons. I’ve always had an interest in science and art, plastic surgery is the perfect marriage of the two.
Which procedures are you most known for?
I have developed my own procedures in plastic surgery, namely sensual cosmetic surgery. I specialize in belly’s, buttocks, vaginas, breasts, lips and noses. For example, tummy tuck, breast lifts, breast augmentations, labia plasties, lip augmentations, liposuctions, buttock augmentations, with fat or implants, etc.

How did you get involved in the hit show Dr 90210 on E! Networks?
I got involved with Dr. 90210 because of the drama show Nip/Tuck, which depicts plastic surgeons as playboys and unethical professionals. I wanted to write a show that showed the real nip/tuck. Dr. 90210 sets the record straight, it shows that most of us are not playboys; in fact we are family men and women. We are certainly living in a fantasy world here in Hollywood, for example, Larry King showed up to my daughter’s birthday party but for the most part we’re pretty normal.

What are some of the challenges of starring in a TV reality show?
Constant cameras on your face are quite tiring. However, in time it becomes Stockholm syndrome. You learn to love your captor.

What advice can you give to someone who is considering plastic surgery for the first time?
Do your homework. Choose your plastic surgeon carefully. Call the medical board of your state to make sure the doctor is in good standings. Make sure your health is up to par.

What are some of the keys for achieving natural looking breast augmentation?
Knowing the beautiful normal. Dissect the pocket so that the implants falls in a beautiful tear drop form. Many surgeons leave the implants high and hope they fall down within time, many don’t fall at all.
How was the idea for Dr Rey’s Shapewear line born?
I was introduced to Bruno Schiavi through a mutual friend and we immediately clicked. Since I work millimeters inside the skin and Bruno works millimeters outside the skin it just made sense for us to combine our talents and create a beautiful shapewear collection.

Besides Dr. Rey’s Shapewear, what other projects are you working on at the moment?
A cosmetic cream line and slimming protein shake are my next projects.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
Helping the children during my humanitarian missions. Which I do several per year.

What inspires your amazing sense of fashion?
Are you serious? I am Brazilian born! I came from a family of designers. My father was a member of the original mustang team and my brother is a set designer and producer.

What is your philosophy about beauty?
Beauty starts from the inside. If one is ugly inside, there’s no amount of surgery that will make them attractive.

What other passions do you have besides your work?
Spirituality, my family, my wife, my country, humanitarian work, animal rescues and of course martial arts.


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