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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Iron Maiden (one of the greatest heavy metal bands in the world) is coming to Brazil once again for concerts in six Brazilian cities and I will be in Recife to see them on the 3rd of April. My daughter Nycole is going with me for this unique and unforgettable moment in our lives. Here´s a little bit of their biography:
The story of Iron Maiden begins in 1971, when 15 year old Steve Harris, inspired by the likes of Wishbone Ash, Jethro Tull and early Genesis bought a copy Telecaster bass .
Steve had previously harboured visions of one day playing soccer for his beloved West Ham and was actually signed to them on schoolboy forms. However, the talent pool in the Hammer's youth organisation in those days was overflowing and the number of players who actually made it into the professional game were very few. The continuous playing and training regime also meant that that young Harry couldn't join his mates in drinking, watching bands and bullying girls.
After thinking long and hard, he abandoned hopes of a soccer career and built up a strong liking and knowledge of rock music. He taught himself how to play by playing along to his favourite records and jamming with friends. This led to the formation of a band called Influence who then changed their name to Gypsy's Kiss.
The Gypsies made their debut at a talent contest in Poplar, lasting all of six gigs before calling it a day. Steve fired by a burning ambition hooked up with a band called Smiler. The other band members were several years older than him, Steve picked up some valuable experience but still felt stifled. Smiler were a "good time boogie " band and although they
played an early version of "Innocent Exile", they turned down "Burning Ambition" and made it clear that they didn't expect their bass player to leap around the stage and write songs. Steve finally realised that the only way to do what he wanted was to put his own band together and at the end of 1975, Iron Maiden was born. Steve got the name from seeing an Iron Maiden in an old movie of "The Man In The Iron Mask". It was a metal coffin with spikes on the inside and the victims were placed inside it and skewered to death.
What followed was endless music mayhem from the most power packed bands ever to hit the heavy metal scene-Iron Maiden.
I am really looking forward to traveling to Recife to see this great band live. Up the Irons!!!
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