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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


                             I haven't got a bean – I don´t have any money at all
                          To be full of beans – to be energetic, lively, in high spirits
                             To spill the beansto reveal a secret prematurely

* People from different parts of the world wrote sentences using these three idioms. As they are learners of English, we can notice spelling and grammar mistakes in some of them.

Carina, Uruguay
Oh dear I haven't got a bean! Ask your father please! Every weekend my son gets up full of beans and wake me up!
Hana, Korea
I'm full of beans whenever i hang out with my mates. but at work, well, tons of work sometimes make me a bit down.
Lan, Viet Nam
Every morning, when I wake up, I am full of beans. I think, I can do every thing without being tired. But now, I can not get another my English couses in a language centre any more because I have not got a Beans.
Lovell, China
When I take part in the meeting, I feel I'm full of beans.You should be careful when someone spill the beans on you, because that's maybe just a rumor.If I want not to buy something for my wife, I will say "I haven't got abean.
Joong , Vietnam 
Hello , everybody , I've learnt 3 idioms . Now I haven't got a bean but I'm full of beans .
Bea, Colombia
I am full of beans soon after I have drank a cup of Colombian Coffee. I want to spill the beans with all people about of it. Nonetheless here in Belgium the Colombian coffee is very expensive and when I am not working I haven't got a bean for buy it. . 
Victoria, Colombia
What if I spill the beans with you now that I'm in the middle of my undergrade at university?, I want to work because I haven't got a bean, because I have a lot of beans to do my things on my own. Wish me luck
Ion, Colombia
A secret: I`m full of beans when I take a shower and eat fish, especially at night but, sometimes, I haven`t got any bean to buy fish.
Fulbio, Colombia
i`m not full of beans when i have to use the computers because i don`t like them, besides i haven`t got a bean becase they cost me a lot, on the other hand for my work i can`t spill the beans because my clients get angry.
Debora, New York
Its a awfull time to spill the beans of my life, but I must do it...I haven't got a bean for the past four months because I cannot find a job, so I'm studying days and nights to improve my English to be able to find a job...sometimes I study full of beans.
Lee, China
I am full of beans at night to learn english. But I can not spill beans to my girl friend because she do not want me stay up to night. 
Carla, Peru
Although it's past midnight and I have to work tomorrow at 7 in the morning I'm full of beans because I love my job...I work in a school with primary level...and my children are lovely!!!....but I also work in the evenings otherwise i wouldn't have a bean to do one of my favourite hobbies.....go dancing!!!.....
Sergio, Venezuela
When I am full of beans, I need to spent a lot of money shopping at the mall, but I always haven't got a bean for that, but if I spill the beans to my friends, they will give me a bean of money AND I am ready to.... 
Tracy, China
I like these three idioms. This make me feel full of beans.
Bean, Vietnam
I feel very blue today because the weather in my place is not good for health. But another day I am full of beans to study English and chatting. I have not got a bean because I have just given my good position up, refuse a offer of a new job. I have never let spill the beans. 
Min, Korea
When I was young, I used to spend money eating something with my frinds on my way home. One day I hadn't got a bean, becase of spending all my money buying cookies. So I had to walk to my home an hour from my school. 
Agnes, Poland
I'm going to be full of beans tonight, couse I will go to the party :)
Rose, South Korea
My mum is my best friend.I can even spill the beans to my mum. 
Arturo, Mexico
Well, actually, I am not full of beans mostly becuase I have to work ten hours at day and then, after work just I want to get home and rest for the rest of the day, but I really would like to have a lot of energy and do many things that I can't do right now. 
Hajra, Pakistan
Some people are really lively and full of beans.I dont know about myself,I won't spill the beans.
Nowadays I haven't got a bean because of not having a job.When i find a job i am sure i'll be full of beans. Unfortunately I haven't got a bean to go and study in England even though I m full of beans!!!
Ana Paula, Brazil
I've been full of beans because the Sao Paulo International Films Festival has started. So many good films to see, and so little money to spend on it. Well, you can guess that by the end of the festival I haven't got a bean in my pocket, but I was happy because at least I could watch the films that I was eager to see. 
Alfonso, Spain
Hi teacher:I am not full of beans to learn English but I want to learn English. I need to motivate myself.Do you have any advace?
Victoria, Mexico
The night before the release of the last book from the harry Potter series I was full of beans. I just couldn't wait till the moment I could get the book and find out if my theories about Harry and his friends. Unfortunately, many people in the web spilled the beans about the end of the book. That was terrible! 
I was full of beans before going to the supermarket for shopping. But, after being in the crowded shops for one hour, I got exhausted and to spill the beans to you, I haven't had a bean left in my purse. 
Vidyasekaran, India
My Life is full of ups and downs. when i feel financially safe I seem to be full of beans. On the other hand i feel very much depressed if i haven't got a bean.
Katarina, Ukraine
I have been looking for a wedding ring for my boyfriend nearly for a month and I was really full of beans being busy with this not easy work. Two days ago I showed the ring to my granny and asked her not to spill the beans about it. Today I came to a jewelry to buy that beautiful ring and found that I hadn't got a bean. The only person who could help me was my old but the best granny in all the world. And she did it! 
Miss B, Tunisia
I want to spill the beans: whenever I am full of beans, I want to go shopping.Consequently, I won't have a bean even to drink a coffee!!
Rissgita, Indonesia
I start working at 7 a.m . During the day ,I'm full of beans to accomplished my job promptly.My wife told me that she hadn't got a bean for I spilled the bean to my friend to lend me some money
Oriana, Italy
Every time I go out I'm looking for the cheaper food to eat,the cheaper dress to wear ,the cheaper place to go to dance to...I always think to myself I haven't got a bean!!!The only thing that can make me laugh and smile,when I stay at home in the week-end, is spilling the beans about what happened to my little sister,who is very funny at any rates.Then,when she discovers that I told something funny about her to the other members of my family, she has a sudden rush of anger towards me...Luckily she's an 8-year-old girl,and she can't hurt me that much,anyway I have to admit she's really full of beans when she beats me!!!
Nadda Chitchulanon, Thailand
I have been taking a nap for three hours today,I'm full of beans! I can work in the garage for the rest of the day.
Anna Pham, Vietnam
I am a student so I haven't got a bean. However, I am full of beans to study. Spill the beans that "practice makes perfect" 
Niema, Libya
I had long day at university today ,I was full of beans at the start of the day ,at 1pm I decided to buy some thing to eat because i was hungry but i found that I have not got bean!!! I forgot my money at home.

Adapted from by Milton França
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