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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Not far from the tree
                                                        By Mariana de Viveiros

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, the son of a circus performer is likely to be also an artist himself. 12-year-old Matheus Felipe Jesus Silva was born in the circus. That is, ever since he was a baby, he’s lived in a trailer (a mobile home pulled by a car or a truck). His mother is a ballet dancer at CircoSpacial, where Matheus himself is also a performer since the age of 3.
He started doing presentations with clowns and nowadays he is a trapeze artist (just like his dad, who works in Europe), equilibrist and acrobat.
As the circus travels all over Brazil, Matheus changes schools very often. He studies in the morning, has rehearsals in the afternoon and, at weekends, he performs in the circus ring.
He says that this routine doesn’t disturb his studies and he wants to graduate in Physical Education. “But I want to work in the circus forever.” On account of the mobility of his life and his outgoing nature, Matheus makes new friends wherever he goes and keeps in touch with them through the internet. “Kids think that I have a peculiar way of life and come to the circus to watch my show,” he adds.
On his days off, he likes to go to the movies, to the mall and to shows. Read on to see his favorite film, book, CD and website.
                                                                                    Revista TAM Kids, julho/agosto 2011.

1. One may say that Matheus
a) spends most of his time watching films and reading books.
b) will become the owner of the circus in a vey short future.
c) has vowed to act just like his father.
d) has no longer the wish of working as a circus performer in the future.
e) is an easy-going guy and gets acquainted well with others.

2. Which means of communication does Matheus usually use to get in touch with his pals?
a) Mail.
b) Phone.
c) Internet.
d) Post-office.
e) Letters.

3. How long has Matheus been working at the CircoSpacial?
a) For 9 years.
b) For 3 years.
c) For 12 years.
d) Since he was born.
e) Since his mother has delivered him.

4. One can relate ...”mobility of his life...” to the words
a) clowns and kids.
b) trucks and trailers.
c) circus and ballet dancers.
d) cars and lack of routine.
e) movies and new friends.

5. Which option pictures Matheus’ leisure?
a) mall x dancing.
b) presentation x studies.
c) sports x internet.
d) movies x shows.
e) book x circus ring.

6. What does Matheus’ father do for a living?
a) An acrobat.
b) An equilibrist.
c) A trapeze artist.
d) A clown.
e) A trailer driver.

7. The proverb “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is equivalent in Portuguese to option
a) “O que não é visto, não é lembrado”.
b) “Pau que nasce torto, morre torto”.
c) “Elecaiu de maduro”.
d) “Quem nasce para maçã, nunca chega a uva”.
e) “Filho de peixe, peixinho é” .

8. The morphological function of the word “studies” as in
I-“He studies in the morning”
II-“...this routine doesn’t disturb his studies...”
is, respectively,
a) adverb/verb.
b) noun/verb.
c) adjective/adverb.
d) verb/noun.
e) adverb/noun.
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