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Friday, February 3, 2012


- pulling your leg – making a joke by tricking another person
- It cost an arm and a leg – it cost a lot of money
- You haven´t got a leg to stand on – you’re in a situation where you can’t prove something / you have no chance of success

* People from different parts of the world wrote sentences using these three idioms. As they are learners of English, we can notice spelling and grammar mistakes in some of them.

Thu Ha, vietnam
I told my parents that I'll study abroad, they were surprised: "That can't be. It cost an arm and a leg. We cannot afford it." They were even more surprised when I said " I am not pulling your leg. I've got a scholarship. I have got a leg to stand on."

Vallin, Brazil
When my daughter was born, everything I
ve bought to look after her, it cost an arm and leg.

Lenka, the Czech republic
I bought a Swiss watch yesterday. It cost me an arm and a leg. Now, I've just found out it's a knock-off. Oh boy, I was ripped off then! Did it really happen? No, I am only pulling your leg.

Su Kyung, Korea
Last week, I told my friend that I got the first place in my class and my friend told me to buy her a meal as I got the first place. I quickly told her that I was just pulling her leg as I knew that it would cost me an arm and a leg to buy a meal for her. However, as my friend wanted to eat something delicious, she told me that I didn't have a leg to stand on.

Shah, Pakistan
Yesterday, I told my friend on phone I have fallen seriously ill and treatment will cost me an arm and a leg and when he asked in which hospital I am I told him I was just pulling his leg.

Asifa, Pakistan
Yesterday I told my friend that I will buy a precious necklace for her but it will really cost an arm and leg for me.

Luis, Colombia (Studying in London)
The London life cost me an arm and a leg.

Maher, Syria
My Dear Father support me buying a new home, so I have to return his money back to him, so that will cost me arm and a leg

Sandra, Hong Kong
My darling bought me a diamond ring. It cost an arm and a leg.

Annistein, China
What shall I say, that it cost me an arm and a leg just to buy a birthday present for my sister? But it's true, as you can see, I have emptied my purse to buy her a Teddy Bear.

Marlen, Cuba
I tell everybody that I am on a diet. That’s a lie, because I eat a lot. I`ve never paid an arm and a leg for nothing. sometimes my son tell me lies, but I can`t punish him because I haven`t had a leg to stand on.

Ferial, USA
most of the time I pull my friends leg because I have a big sense of humor

Rajesch, Germany
My boss told me that the repair of his car cost him an arm and a leg. But he didn't show me the bill. I understand, he's just pulling my leg.

Silva, Albania
I did pull my sister’s leg when I told her I was going to marry and give up my school. I've paid an arm and a leg for my vacation house by the sea.

Neda, Iran
Today in Iran new couples can easily buy a new should be so naive to believe it. I was just pulling your cost an arm and a leg for new couples to buy a house.

Niraj Pandey, Nepal
Last year when I decided to finance my studies selling the gold medals, which I acheived for my remarkable academic performance over the five years in my college.That was the moment i think i had paid an arm and leg for my higher studies.

Ama Helal, Egypt
When I was young, I fooled my friend into believing that I was part of the scouts team, but I was just trying to pull her leg. Two years ago, I had to undergo some serious surgery and it was too expensive that it cost my parents an arm and a leg. These days I try to convince the court of my plea. Yet, I haven't got a leg to stand on and my solicitor advises me to collect more evidence.

Liang, China
Sometimes, I try to pull someone's leg because I think I can bring laugh to him or her.

Fatiha, Algeria
Last year I made a journey with my friends to a seaside town. In that time I didn't imagine that it will cost me an arm and a leg. Thank god i had money for that i borrow my friend money to go with us but she didn't give it back to me. She told me that i haven't got a land to stand on but then she laughed and said I am pulling your leg sweety.

Polina, Russia
I paied an arm and a leg for my first mobile phone. It kosted 40 000 rubles.

Paola, Italy
I really don't think he is going to Costa Smeralda on holiday. In my opinion, he is pulling our legs as usual. It will cost him an arm and a leg to spend his holidays there and I'm not sure he can afford that... And how about his wife? I saw her yesterday evening and she didn't say nothing about it... What is more she is bound to give birth to their baby one of these days, so he hasn't a leg to stand on. He just loves telling lies to make other people jealous.....

Anna, Poland
hello,I paid an arm and a leg for my first guitar. Actually I couldn't play guitar well but I bought myself very expensive one. Once I told my friends how much I spent on it, they thougt I was pulling their legs.

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