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Sunday, May 6, 2012


1. Daddy paid a lot of money for that TV set. He ____________________
a) paid an arm and a leg.                                   d) paid a low price.
b) paid the eyes of the face.                             e) paid the hands and the arms.
c) paid the hair of his head.

 2. What is the girl on the right doing?
a) She is holding candle.                                      d) She is crashing a party.
b) She is footing the bill.                                    e) She is playing gooseberry.
c) She is beating about the bush.

3. That company has had a lot of profit since its foundation. It´s always been in the _____
a) black                                                           d) red
b) blue                                                            e) green
c) white

4. Rick Martin decided to reveal his sexual preference a few years ago. He ______________
a) was in the pink                                            d) smelled a rat
b) hit the road                                                e) took French leave
c) got out of the closet

5. What do you call this in English?
a) game of the guys                                         d) noughts and crosses
b) game of the old                                           e) game of crosses
c) X´s and zeros

6. This store is never closed. It´s open _______________
a) in the clock.                                               d) 24/7
b) near the clock.                                           e) around the time.
c) around the watch.

7. My sister is used to eating very little. She ____________________
a) eats like a horse.                                       d) eats like a pig.
b) eats like a pigeon.                                      e) eats like a bird.
c) eats like a chicken.

8. Mike sleeps too much. This means that he sleeps _______________
a) like a stone.                                             d) like a tree.
b) like a boy.                                                e) like a frog.
c) like a log.

9. Which of these idioms means “have an alcoholic drink as a way of getting rid of a hangover, that is, the unpleasant effects of having drunk too much alcohol the night before”?
a) see a man about a dog.                                d) powder one´s nose.
b) have a hair of the dog.                               e) paint the town red
c) drink like a fish.
 10. What is the president of Brazil doing in the picture above?
a) She is taking a nap.                                        d) She is feeling blue.
b) She is tying the knot.                                     e) She is flipping the bird.
c) She is playing hooky.

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