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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In 1969 many people were shocked to open their newspapers and see photographs of the Beatle, John Lennon, and his new Japanese wife, Yoko Ono, sitting naked in bed in their hotel room in the Amsterdam Hilton as a protest for peace. Lennon, the writer of songs like All you need is Love and Give peace a chance, put into words the hopes of many young people for a new and better world. A world of freedom and peace, without wars, religion, governments and even countries. John Lennon had become more and more interested in these ideas in the late 1960s. In 1968 he traveled to India with the other Beatles to study meditation with the Maharishi and in the same year he returned a special award from the British Queen, as a protest against Britain’s part in the wars in Nigeria and Vietnam.
In 1971 he wrote perhaps his most famous song. Imagine, which expresses his ideas of the perfect world. It is particularly tragic that a man ________ believed so strongly in peace was to die so violently, less than ten years later (1980), when he was killed in front of the building where he lived in New York by a crazy fan, Mark Chapman.

1. What is incorrect according to the text?
a) John Lennon took some photographs naked with his spouse in a hotel room.
b) John Lennon and Yoko Ono had no clothes in the photos.
c) They were arrested when the photos were taken.
d) People were shocked with what they did.
e) They wanted to protest against wars in the world.

2. Which pronoun completes the blank in the in the last paragraph of the text?
a) which                                                                   
b) what
c) whose                                                                  
d) where
e) who

3. A ‘writer of songs’ is known as a _________________ .
a) lyrics                                                                    
b) songist
c) lyricist                                                                 
d) singer
e) singwriter

4. ‘John Lennon was killed by Mark Chapman’ is an example of passive voice. The active voice for the sentence is:
a) Mark Chapman killed John Lennon.                
b) Mark Chapman has killed John Lennon.
c) Mark Chapman kills John Lennon.                  
d) Mark Chapman is killing John Lennon.
e) Mark Chapman was kill John Lennon.

5. An award is a ____________ .
a) price                                                                       
b) protest
c) prize                                                                       
d) song
e) monarch

6. When people saw ___________ photos in the papers they got shocked.
a) his                                                                         
b) its
c) her                                                                         
d) your
e) their

7. In the text ‘in the same year’ refers to _____________ .
a) 1971                                                                        
b) 1969
c) 1980                                                                        
d) 1968
e) 1960

8. Based on the picture, choose the correct alternative:
a) The cockroaches love to smell cigarette ends.
b) The cockroaches sometimes smoke the cigarette ends on the floor.
c) The cockroaches are becoming sick because of cigarette ends.
d) The cockroaches don´t get a disease due to cigarette ends.
e) The cockroaches throw cigarette ends on the floor.

9. The word ‘cockroach’ forms the plural with ES. Which of these words forms the plural in a different way?
a) witch                                                                     
b) epoch
c) inch                                                                       
d) church
e) clutch

10. ‘Don´t throw’ is an example of:
a) verb in the simple present, negative form.           
b) infinitive
c) imperative                                                           
d) past participle
e) simple past, negative form.

11. ‘To throw’ is an example of  _____________verb.
a) irregular                                                              
b) regular
c) auxiliary                                                            
d) phrasal
e) modal

12. The past tense of to throw is ______________ .
a) throwed                                                             
b) threw
c) through                                                              
d) thrown
e) thought
13. What do we conclude about the sign above?
a) If it there´s a fire use water or the elevator.       
b) If there´s a fire, you can use anything.
c) If there´s a fire don´t use anything, but water. 
d) If a fire occurs wait for a few minutes.
e) In case of fire buy some water immediately.
14. In British English, the word for ‘elevator’ is:
a) lift                                          d) leather
b) ladder                                   e) wood
c) scalator

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