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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Test your knowledge of men´s World Cup history:

1. Where was the first FIFA World Cup held?
a) Uruguay
b) Italy
c) England
d) Spain
e) Germany

2. Which country has won the most World Cup championships?
a) Italy
b) Germany
c) Brazil
d) England
e) Spain

3. Who has the most goals in World Cup history?
a) Ronaldo
b) Pelé
c) Just Fontaine
d) Oleg Salenko
e) Miroslav Klose

4. What is the furthest the US has reached in World Cups?
a) Group stage
b) Round of 16
c) Quarterfinals
d) Semifinals
e) Finals

5. Who was the youngest goal scorer in World Cup history?
a) David Beckham
b) Pelé
c) Ronaldo
d) Franz Beckenbauer
e) Michel Platini

6. Which individual player has won the most World Cup matches?
a) Diego Maradona
b) Pelé
c) Cafu
d) Sandor Kocsis
e) Oleg Salenko

7. Archie Thompson (from Australia) has the record for most goals in a single qualifying match between Australia and American Samoa in 2001. How many goals did he score?
a) 7
b) 13
c) 14
d) 15
e) 20
P.S. – the score of the match was Australia 31 X 0 American Samoa

8. When was the first time that Brazil hosted the World Cup?
a) 1930
b) 1938
c) 1950
d) 1986
e) 2002

9. The record for most goals in a single World Cup is 171. What year did this happen?
a) 1930
b) 1934
c) 1970
d) 1982
e) 1998

10. Which coach has won the most World Cup matches with 25?
a) Luiz Felipe Scolari
b) Helmut Schon
c) Vittorio Pozzo
d) Otto Rehhagel
e) Bora Milutinovic

1 – A   2 – C   3 – E   4 – D   5 – B   6 – C   7 – B   8 – C   9 – E   10 – B
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